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Q. What is Broadband Service?

Ans. The term ‘broadband’ refers to a type of internet connection that can receive and send a large amount of data in a very short period of time.

Q. What is FTTH?

FTTH stands for Fiber to the Home. It is a technology that uses OFC to provide a broadband connection. It provides ‘always-on’ Internet connection that is automatically established once the PC and Media Converter are switched on and instant log-in procedure is completed.

Q. What is Fixed Wireless Broadband?

Fixed Wireless Broadband Services refers to a technology that uses Radio Frequency (RF) to provide broadband connection. It also is an ‘always-on’ connection that is automatically established once the PC and Wireless CPE (Client Premise Equipment) are switched on and instant log-in procedure is completed

Q. What is “always-on” service? Will there be call charges?

‘Always-On’ means that the broadband sets up a permanent connection to the Internet that lets you access the Internet as soon as you switch on the computer and the CPE and do an instant log-in with your user name and password. There will be no separate Internet telephone call charges

Q. What is upstream and downstream bandwidth?

Upstream refers to the bandwidth for traffic from the end user PC to the Internet while downstream refers to the bandwidth for traffic from internet to the end user. For Internet surfing, the downstream traffic is much more than upstream traffic.

Q. What is download / upload?

When the information flows from somewhere e.g. a web-page or a site to your PC you are “downloading”. On the other hand, when you send information e.g. request for a web-page, you are “uploading”.

Q. Why are the download/upload rates different?

This is perfectly fine since we download (browsing, downloading clips, music etc) much more than we upload (a website address, a few clicks etc)

Q. What is a cap?

A cap is a limit imposed by service providers on certain plans which determine how much data you can download over a certain time period.

Q. What is connection speed?

A connection speed relates to how quickly your internet connection can send and receive data over the internet.

Q. How do I connect Skytelecom Broadband Services?

To connect to Skytelecom Broadband Services you need a CPE to be installed at your home/business. On your PC you should have a Network Interface Card (LAN Card) installed.

Q. How do I install Skytelecom Broadband Services?

Once your connection comes through, an engineer will visit and complete the installation for you.

Q. How do I get the connection?

You can register online here. Or can visit CSC. Once you register our customer care will get in touch with you for further processing.

Q. How much time does it take to set up a new connection?

After the sign up procedure, your new connection will be setup in 4-5 working days.

Q. How to register in case of any issue?

We have a 24/7 Telephonic customer support center. Your complaint will get registered and a ticket will generate against your complaint. An SMS will be sent to your Mobile phone regarding the status along with your ticket number.

Q. Will I be intimated of my complaint resolution?

After our Technical team resolves your complaint, an SMS will be sent to your phone. Besides, our support team will call on your phone to confirm the status of the complaint.

Q. How can I pay my monthly bill?

We have a Bill recovery team at your disposal. They will collect monthly bill from your doorstep or you can visit Customer Service Center for payment of bill.

Q. How can I change my internet package?

You will be required to visit/call at your Customer support center. Or you can email us at Support@skytelecom.com.pk

Q. What happens if I shift my Skytelecom Broadband Connection?

In case you move, Skytelecom Broadband Connection can be shifted to the new location subject to availability of broadband services in that area and payment of shifting charges.

Q. What is an IP address?

When you are connected to the Internet, your PC is allocated an IP (Internet Protocol) address to identify it to the outside world. There are two types of IP addresses, dynamic and static. Dynamic IP changes from session to session while static always remains same.

Q. Can I get a static IP or IP-Pool for my Internet?

You can get a Static IP or IP-Pool for your internet Connection. The procedure is simple. You will visit our Customer support Center along with your original and Photocopy CNIC.

Q. Can I use my own Router instead of Skytelecom Router Device?


Q. Can I use CISCO, TP-Link, Tenda etc Router for extention of service, with SkyTelecom Router Device?

You would need a Router having a WAN port which will connect with the LAN port of Sky Telecom Router Device. We will get you configure device with Static/Dynamic IP configuration.

Q. Why is it important to secure modem?

Having a secure modem reduces the possibility of any potential online threat and also secures the data on your computer/devices. Secure your internet connection and stay tension free!

Q. Why do I need a strong wi-fi password?

If someone hops on to your wi-fi, then there is more at stake than just checking e-mails or streaming videos. This person can intercept all the data flowing in and out of your network. To prevent any unauthorized use, use a sufficiently strong password. A strong password consists of at least eight (8) characters (and the more characters, the stronger the password) that are a combination of letters, numbers and symbols (@, #, $, %, etc.). Passwords are typically case-sensitive, so a strong password contains letters in both uppercase and lowercase.

Q. How do I Change my password on broadband modems?

To Change your password please Call Help Line 051-8252525.

Q. Does using multiple devices affect my data consumption?

When multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, HDTVs are latched on to a single Wi-Fi, the data consumption significantly increases. Be aware of the devices connecting to your Wi-Fi and turn off the Wi-Fi on the device when not in use as most apps and a lot of websites keep consuming data, even when you are not using them.

Q: What are the equipment requirements for my PC?

A: Our service works with most types of PCs and laptops including Macs. Call our customer service department at 888-855-9036 if you think you have an unusual configuration.

Q: Do I need special software?

A: No, we support standard mail and browser settings. For browsers, we recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla FireFox or Apple Safari. For e-mail, we suggest using ones currently built with your system. For example: Windows Mail, Outlook Express or Apple Mail. Of course, you may also use external third party email providers like gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.

Q: What about a small business?

A: We offer higher bandwidth options that are usually more appropriate to multi user commercial environments.

To know more, please speak with our customer Service representative Call @ 05827-700700, 44211 & 449911